Toronto’s Goin Wi-Fi

T.O. to become a giant hotspot

I read about this yesterday, and I will be watching this very closely indeed.

If the City implements this right, they could be doing everyone a huge service. From the sounds of it, this will be a pay-as-you-go type of service, which will be a boon for business tourists, as well as those who need a quick way to check their e-mail and haven’t submitted to the Crackberry addiction.

That being said, if this isn’t done very carefully, it could be a HUGE security fiasco for the City. Let’s face it, Wireless is inherently insecure. It’s like putting a switch out on the street, and letting people plug in to it. Not only that, but other people can sniff your wireless traffic, and even with encryption enabled, it is still possible to crack if you know how.

I’ll be watching this unfold with great interest…especially since it might mean cheap Internet access at Union Station without going through Rogers or Telus.

**UPDATE: Toronto to blanket downtown with wireless access

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