Killer Wireless?

Toronto Star – City plans to study WiFi risks

My initial response to the title of this article was “Looks like someone wants to give their friend/relative a job as a consultant.” I know, it’s a bit cynical, but that really seems to be the way these things go sometimes.

After reading it though, I must say that I’m plesantly surprised. Councillor Filion, the one who is requesting the Toronto Health Unit look in to this, seems to genuinely be concerned without being paranoid.

Having watched the City make some pretty questionable I.T. decisions in the past, usually because some councillor flips out over some technical detail that they don’t even understand, I am pleased to see someone say “look, let’s just make sure we’ve got all the bases covered. If everything is fine, then we’ll go ahead.”

Caution, but not paranoia. Who’d have thought it possible?

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