Seeds…Seeds…Omigod, Seeds.

The title for this is a gag that’s been going all day as I’m writing this, so I figured why not “borrow” it?

Today, I indulged my inner hippie, and went to Seedy Saturday, a seed exchange/sale in Toronto. It was CRAZY busy there (as you can see HERE), but well worth dealing with the crowds, as I was able to pick up some really interesting seeds. For those who may be interested (and to give the fine folks selling the seeds some extra Google juice), here’s the breakdown:

  • From Terra Edibles, I bought a variety of hot peppers called “Fish”, and some Fin de Bagnol beans.
  • From The Cottage Gardener, I bought Lime Basil and Nosegay Hot Peppers
  • From UrbanTomato, I picked up a variety of hot peppers called “Bulgarian Carrot”, and a mix called “Grow Your Own Garden”
  • From Urban Harvest, I got Garlic Chives, True Black Cherry Tomato, Red Cayenne Pepper, Red Pear Cherry Tomato, and Carouby de Mausssane Sugar Pea
  • I’ve also got some seeds on order, courtesy of one of the podcasts I listen to pretty regularly, The Gastrocast, but I won’t go into that list here.

    Nearly all the seeds are organic, but the big thing for me is that they’re open pollinated. Essentially, this means that when the plants grow from the seeds I have now, and start to themselves go to seed, I can gather up those seeds and plant them. In theory, they should be just as viable as their parents.

    So, the question now is, what to do with all these seeds? My apartment doesn’t have a balcony, and the windows don’t get enough direct sun to grow things in a pot much bigger than a couple of fists. I’m looking into the possibility of getting in on a community garden, but I don’t know whether they are open to the public or not. Stay tuned for more info on that one.

    Even if I can’t plant any of these seeds this year, I’m glad I bought them. Seeds will usually keep for a couple of years if kept away from moisture, so as long as I don’t get these packets wet, I should be able to figure out some way to make good use of these seeds.

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