5 Days In – First Sprouts

Bean Sprouting

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Amazingly enough, I’ve got seeds sprouting after 5 days. As you can see by the picture, one of my beans is a serious keener, but I’ve also got a couple of other bean sprouts coming up, as well as some peas, and (off-camera) a tomato sprout.

I’m not sure if it’s the Seed Starter, putting the Ott Lite on them at night, the compost, or the fact that I fussed over moving them to follow the sun over the long weekend (3 days of near-full sun wasn’t going to be wasted, at least not if I was around to do something about it). Could even be a combination of some or all of those factors.

Luckily, I’ve already started saving containers to use as temporary pots, as the soil outside the window is not nearly warm enough for even the keener bean. I still need to track down some soil for those containers, but I don’t anticipate that being too much trouble.

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