Economic Casualty – Week Two

Week Two hasn’t been as productive as Week One, but it’s been a great week none-the-less. Over the weekend, we went with friends to see Kevin Smith at Roy Thompson Hall. It was a great visit, since one of our friends is from Barrie, and the other from Michigan, so we don’t see as much of either as we might like.

Monday and Tuesday were mostly spent getting a few domestic things done around the apartment, so that we would be ready to head to St. John’s on Wednesday. We ended up stuck at the airport for about 4 hours, thanks to some rather heavy fog in Toronto, but since my wife and I are always prepared, it wasn’t a huge problem for us.

Our visit to St. John’s has been fantastic, but of course is going to be too short – we head back early on Tuesday morning, and there will be plenty to continue to keep me busy. I want to get some plants started this coming week, so that when the soil starts to warm, I’ll be ready. Also, since I missed a couple of Aikido classes last week, I’m going to aim to do a bit extra this week.

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