The Walk For Kids Help Phone 2009

Last year, Kids Help Phone’s professional counsellors provided anonymous, confidential help and hope to youth throughout Canada over 2.2 million times!! I’m so proud to help such a fantastic charity and this year, they’re celebrating 20 years of being there for kids by continuing their involvement in communities across the country. Please consider pledging me in the Walk for Kids Help Phone. Every dollar counts and we need your help more than ever during these difficult times.

Kids Help Phone provides counselling services over the phone and online to kids and teens across Canada 24 hours a day, working tirelessly to help young people deal with every kind of issue imaginable. Having met some of the counsellors in person, I can tell you that these people are worth every cent you donate. If you know someone who is young, or have children of your own, you should seriously consider supporting Kids Help Phone.

Just to help you understand that bullying is still happening on a regular basis, here’s a recent post from

“When I was little I fell through a glass table and I have a scar on my face. A noticeable one and A LOT of people are calling me scar face and nick naming me things like that and no one want to be my friend because of it… I am a really emotional person and I’ve been balling and hyperventilating for the past 3 days… Help me =(”

Secure online pledges can be made with VISA, MasterCard or American Express by clicking on the link below. An electronic tax receipt will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Please visit my personal pledge page and help support Kids Help Phone today! – Even $5 would be great!

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