All patched up

I’m officially off the “wounded” list for this economy. Yesterday, I turned in my acceptance of a job offer! It’s a good feeling to be working again – I’ve enjoyed my time off, but it really is time to go back to work. I’ll be doing tech support, as well as providing them with some assistance on the testing side of things. It’s a small company, so everyone tends to do a lot of different things – I think that will work well for me. They also seem very interested in virtualization, which I just happen to have some experience in.

In garden news: Today, I confirmed my choice of plot at the Silverthorne Allotment Garden. Starting May 1, a small chunk of City land will be mine to grow what I see fit. Since it gets no shade, I’m figuring my tomatoes would do best there.

In computer news: Just finished loading the Netbook remix of Ubuntu 9.04 to my USB flash drive, so I can install it on my eeePC. The Xandros install that Asus shipped with the netbook isn’t bad, but there are some annoying quirks that I think the Ubuntu install will take care of.

Update to computer news: The install to the flash drive, and subsequent install of Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix to my eeePC 701 has gone very well so far.  The only real snags have been related to the odd screen dimensions, which is listed as a known issue on this model (let’s face it – 800 X 480 is a bit odd).  Oh, and can someone make a Twitter app for Linux that is at least as functional as TweetDeck, and publish it to Ubuntu’s list of apps?  That’d be awesome.

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