Virginia and I landed in St. John’s on Friday, completing a 3-week marathon of packing, address changes, and phone calls. Not to mention, two weddings, numerous goodbye lunches/dinners/classes, and a BBQ we hosted to clear out our fridge, freezer and liquor cabinet!

In some ways, the move was an easy one – we’re both going to excellent jobs, and this has been our goal for a while now. In other ways, it was very difficult – while we have friends & family here in St. John’s, there are still many back in Toronto and across Ontario. Getting rid of a lot of our material possessions was theraputic in many respects, but it did make the packing take longer, which was stressful to say the least. In fact, packing in general is exceptionally NOT fun, especially when you stay up literally all night to finish before the movers come in the morning! *LOL*

We had a nice relaxing weekend at my in-laws’ cottage (I mean cabin – that’s the local parlance for it, for those of you not from Newfoundland), but unfortunately both managed to get sunburnt. For those who think St. John’s is a cold and dreary place, I point out…well, my sunburn! *LOL* Despite the burn, I’m glad we got to relax for a few days, and decompress from the hectic schedule we’ve been on lately.

Now that we’ve looked back, let’s start looking forward.

Virginia and I both start our new jobs on Tuesday, and our worldly possessions are supposed to arrive some time between Tuesday and the end of time. I’ve already arranged to start at an Aikido dojo at Memorial University (one of the instructors there is a former student of my sensei at Aikido Shugyo Dojot), and Virginia has agreed to try it out. We’re also looking at the possibility of both of us taking yoga classes – if anyone in St. John’s knows a good teacher/studio, leave a comment or email me! I’ll be putting in an order to a farm in Ontario for garlic soon, because the stuff I grew from them last year turned out to be quite nice. I still need to build a raised bed at the cabin for it, but that should be fairly straight forward.

And on that note, I will sign off. Good luck, and may the Force be with you.

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