Flipper Dinner

Last night, I tried yet another traditional Newfoundland food: Flipper Dinner. I’ve been up to eating (and have enjoyed) everything else I had tried so far, but I must admit I wondered if flipper would be my limit.

Flipper Dinner’s “star” is seal flipper. I didn’t get all the details, but I gather that the preparation involves boiling it, then roasting in the oven. Some people had warned me that the flavour was very fishy, but I found it to be quite different.

When the plate came to the table, it looked a lot like any other roasted meat. I took a tentative smell, and it reminded me more of liver than anything else. With the first few forkfulls of flipper, I was hooked. I really enjoy liver, and the similarity in flavour and texture made it a winning meal for me.

This was definitely tasty, though I did overindulge a bit. So, if you get a chance, definitely give flipper a try.

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