Full Belly Fridays-A Seedy Underbelly

In the past, most of my seed-starting arrangements have been pretty rough, and the results have been telling; most years, the seedlings are way too leggy and weak to be used, and end up in the compost. This year, I’m working hard to get a better system arranged. I’ve assembled 4/5 of a shelving unit from Costco, and will be getting my hands on some fluorescent bulbs and fixtures, with the plan of hanging the fixtures from the shelf above. The lights will be plugged in to a power bar/timer, which will ensure they get enough light, while still giving them at least an occasional break. Based on my initial tests, all of my seed starting gear will fit on two shelves, and I’m hoping for a bumper crop of plants this year. Who knows, I might even be able to sell a few off!

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